Patented Allied Grid-Lock™ Frames

Allied Grid-Lock™ (AGL™) Plastic Tubular hoops are truly innovative and highly engineered products that have been awarded U.S. PAT. No. 6,298,800. AGL™ hoops have the following unique features that help you save time and money: Customers can use the horizontal and vertical grid lines on the arms of most AGL™ hoops as a quick ready guide for straight hooping of a garment. Single and double vertical lines on the inner hoop. All AGL™ frames are engineered to have vertical lines covering the circumference of the inner hoop. These lines provide yet another easy and time-saving tool for accurate alignment of an embroidery. AGL™ hoops are uniquely engineered for an ideal non-slippery surface texture, enabling a tighter locking grip of the garment. AGL™ frames provide highly consistent tension across the hooped area yielding better embroidery results. Premium Allied Grid-Lock™ embroidery frames feature a 79mm long externally adjustable outer frame screw with a knurled head. The easy-to-turn extra long screw allows greater opening of the outer frame to better accommodate thicker fabrics. This makes the framing process easier and more time-efficient. Frames compatible with Brother Industrial machines, Tajima and Toyota. Not compatible with Brother PR embroidery machines.

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